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The hardcover edition of Fred's new book is a complete sellout. Since we had to go back on press to fill the many orders at hand, we took the opportunity to swap out some illustrations, amplify some text, and clarify cataloging making V. 2.0 of this book EVEN BETTER. Look for it in November! Still only $79.95 plus P&H.

Due out in October 2013! the second volume in Fred's "A Numismatist's perspective of the Civil War" series, Civil War Stamp Envelopes, the Issuers & Their Times," a whopping 672 pages! Only $59.95 soft cover or $79.95 hardback. Postage is extra, the autograph (if desired) is FREE. Order at

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Fred is hard at work on the third volume of his "A Numismatist's Perspective of the Civil War" series. Stay tuned for updates here.

Whitman Publishing has debuted Fred's new Lincoln book, the official sequel to his award-winning 2009 volume.

"It’s like getting a lifetime ticket to an in-depth museum and art-gallery tour, for $29.95," said Whitman publisher Dennis Tucker.

Coinciding with the current ongoing Civil War sesquicentennial celebration, Fred's new book, co-authored with eminent CSA paper money expert Pierre Fricke, will become the standard in its long-neglected field.


"Fred Reed is one of the very best numismatic writers going. He combines encyclopedic knowledge with a real flair for the written word – there aren't many people who possess both kinds of talent." -- Dr. Richard Doty, Senior Curator, National Numismatic Collection, Smithsonian Institution

"Fred's tireless efforts on all of his publications, from the Encased Postage, Show Me the Money and Lincoln books, plus his editing of Paper Money and writing in Bank Note Reporter all deserve the highest recognition of our hobby." -- Wayne Homren, E-Sylum

Fred Reed has been a journalist for more than 40 years, employed on the staffs of daily, weekly, monthly and annual publications in five states and the Republic of Korea. His positions have ranged from compositor, proof reader and editor to Editorial Director, Publisher and Vice President of Publishing. He is the author or co-author of fifteen books (including four in press), and is editor of nine more.

Fred is a Fellow of the American Numismatic Society, a Charter Member of the Civil War Token Society, and a member of the Authors Guild, Numismatic Literary Guild, American Numismatic Association, Society of Paper Money Collectors, Token & Medal Society, American Political Items Collectors, Numismatic Bibliomania Society, Fractional Currency Collectors Board, Central States Numismatic Society, International Bank Note Society, Society of Bearded Numismatists and other organizations.

On October 5, 2013, during the Central States Numismatic Society Educational Forum in Wichita, KS, author Fred Reed will unveil his newest book in his seven-book "A Numismatist's Perspective on the Civil War," titled Civil War Stamp Envelopes, the Issuers and Their Times. The 672-page opus catalogs 514 different small envelopes printed to contain and preserve stamps in circulation as small change during summer and fall 1862. When the national government failed to supply the want of fractional change for more than a half year, nearly 130 enterprising merchants rushed into the void with this inventive "coin of the realm," after Congress had monetized "postage and other stamps" for this purpose.

On November 19, 2012, author/​Lincoln enthusiast Fred Reed and Whitman Publishing debuted a sequel to Fred's highly successful book for the 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial. The new work, entitled Abraham Lincoln: Beyond the American Icon, expands upon the themes the author introduced in his first book on Lincoln's image and imagery. "AbeBook2" includes entirely new text, and more than 1,400 all new images in full color in 484 pages, including end notes, bibliography, and index. "AbeBook2" was honored with the Numismatic Literary Guild "Best Book, Tokens and Medals" for 2013, and a special Token & Medal Society Presidential Award for contributions to the hobby.

June 8th 2012 at the Memphis International Paper Money Show, co-authors Pierre Fricke and Fred Reed unveiled their new work History of Collecting Confederate States of America Paper Money, Volume 1, 1865-1945. This new book is an outgrowth of Fred's award-winning series "Shades of the Blue & Grey" published in Bank Note Reporter since 2004. His co-author is the author of three other works on CSA paper money. Two months later this book was awarded "Best U.S. Paper Money Book of the Year" by the Numismatic Literary Guild. A second volume detailing developments in this collecting field since World War II to present will be published in the future.

His award-winning book Abraham Lincoln, the Image of His Greatness (Whitman Publishing, 2009) was issued for the bicentennial of Old Abe's birth. It culminates Reed's 50 years collecting and studying Lincolniana, and dozens of published articles on the topic. The 280-page book has nearly 1,000 full color illustrations from Fred's incomparable collection, museums, archives and other collections. Fred's "AbeBook" has received three "Book(s) of the Year" awards from the Numismatic Literary Guild, the Society of Paper Money Collectors, and the Professional Currency Dealers Association. Reed's "AbeBook" was also an Invited Candidate for The Lincoln Group of New York’s annual Award of Achievement—a rare honor highly prized in Lincoln-research circles.

He authored Show Me the Money! The Standard Catalog of Motion Picture, Television, Stage and Advertising Prop Money (McFarland, 2005) after viewing more than 1,200 motion pictures. The nearly 800-page work catalogs 1,800+ different varieties of prop money, and chronicles their use in 600+ films and television programs. According to the publisher's count, the volume has 2,071 illustrations of prop money, and the notes in use through movie stills and movie posters. The book won the "Best Worldwide Paper Money Book" award from the Numismatic Literary Guild, and a Society of Paper Money Collectors "Award of Merit."

Reed's 1995 tome, Civil War Encased Stamps, the Issuers and Their Times tells the story of the Civil War financial panic in an entirely fresh way based on exhaustive research in archives and university libraries in many states. In mid-1862 excessive government borrowing and military spending had created severe inflation. Public hoarding had sapped coinage from circulation. Congress responded by monetizing postage stamps. John Gault solved part of their problem by devising his new metallic currency, a metal and mica case to protect the sticky gumbacks while in circulation. This critically acclaimed 560-page book received seven awards, including the Numismatic Literary Guild "Best Tokens and Medals Book" and the Society of Paper Money Collector's "Nathan Gold Lifetime Achievement Award," one of two such awards he's received from that organization. The volume was selected for permanent recording by the LDS Intellectual Reserve Inc., and the United States Post Office reprinted part of it in a bicentennial history of the Cincinnati Post Office. The Numismatic Bibliomania Society recently selected it as the 106th greatest numismatic book or catalog of all time. It was the first numismatic book also released on CD-ROM. A revised, second edition is in preparation.

Fred is Editor/​Publisher of the award-winning, bimonthly journal Paper Money. Since December 1999 when Fred was named Editor, that publication has won six firsts, six seconds, and a third place award in the American Numismatic Association's annual "Best Specialty Club" publication contest, and five "Best Issue" awards from the Numismatic Literary Guild. Fred is also Editor and Publisher of the Token and Medal Society's bimonthly publication TAMS Journal. For seven and one-half years he was a weekly columnist for Coin World (since January 17, 2005) and monthly (since June 2011), a monthly columnist for Bank Note Reporter (since October 2004) and Coins magazine (two columns, one since April 2006; the other since January 2013), and a columnist for COINage magazine (since February 2013). In addition, he has published several thousand news/​feature/​research articles in periodicals such as The Numismatist, Lincoln Herald, Numismatic News, Coin World, Bank Note Reporter, Coins magazine, American Hard Assets, Legacy, COINage, Journal of the Civil War Token Society, Heritage Insider, Charisma, Paper Money, TAMS Journal, Post Card Collector, Beckett Monthly, Eternity, Soldiers, Pacific Stars and Stripes, Spiritual Fitness in Business, Linn's Weekly Stamp News, Paper Money Values, Whitman Review, Ministries Today, Beanie Collector, Christian Psychology for Today, Collector's Confidential, FCCB Newsletter, Journal of the Civil War Philatelic Society, IBNS Journal, The Blue and the Grey, Beckett Vintage Sports, MPC Gram, eSylum, Petersen's Photographic, Lucky Times, The Gauntlet, Sidney Daily News, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Daily O'Collegian, Daily Oklahoman, and Ararat Report. He has created website content for a variety of clients including,,,,,,,,​,,,,, and auction catalog content for Heritage Auctions, Bowers & Merena, Stack's, Kagin's, and Presidential Coin & Antique Company.

His various numismatic writings have earned him 41 awards from the Numismatic Literary Guild since 1996 including "Best Portfolio" in 2012, and additional major awards from the American Numismatic Association, the Society of Paper Money Collectors, the World Philatelic Congress Pacifica '97, Print & Production Design magazine, Chicago Philatelic Society, Dallas Press Club and other organizations. Fred received a U.S. Army Commendation Medal for his news journalism, columns, and "contributions to the modern volunteer Army." He was also honored by Continental Army Command, Army Times, and the joint services Defense Information School. The American Numismatic Association, Central States Numismatic Society, and the Society of Paper Money Collectors have awarded Reed various grants to further his research. From the ANA, Fred has received an ANA Presidential Award (2011), a First Place Heath Literary Award (2008) as the outstanding article in the previous year's The Numismatist, a Wayte and Olga Raymond Award (2008) for original and comprehensive research in U.S. numismatics, and three consecutive Catherine Sheehan Literary Awards for Paper Money Studies (2008-2010). From the Society of Paper Money Collectors, Reed has earned two Nathan Gold Lifetime Achievement Awards (1996 and 2001) for concrete/​scientific contributions to the hobby, three Awards of Merit (2000, 2006, 2012), the first Forrest Daniel Literary Award (2007), the D.C. Wismer Memorial Award for "Book of the Year" twice (2010 and 2013), and four literary awards for articles in Paper Money. The Token & Medal Society has honored Fred with its First Place David Schenkman Literary Award and a special Presidential Award for contributions to the hobby. He has also won dozens of exhibit awards at local and national level, including the Bank Note Reporter "Most Inspirational" Award at Memphis International Paper Money Show. Fred has been a featured speaker at conventions of the American Numismatic Association, Central States Numismatic Society Educational Symposium, Texas Numismatic Association, Memphis International Paper Money Show, Metropolitan Washington D.C. Numismatic Convention, the Shelby County Coin Club and other local coin clubs.

Fred's other books include co-authoring the Coin World Price Guide for Collectors [of] Paper Money Errors (3rd ed. and 4th ed., Amos Press, 1977, 1978), Coin World Almanac (2nd and 3rd ed., Amos Press, 1977, 1978) Basic Knowledge for the Coin Collector and Investor (Amos Press, 1981), Patriotic Civil War Tokens (4th ed., Civil War Token Society, 1984). He has also written a novel, The Apple and the Coke (Innovative Designs, 1974). Fred has edited books on Proof coins, fractional currency, Canadian dollars, U.S. commemorative coins, U.S. silver dollars, obsolete currency, coin collecting/​investing, and Civil War tokens. Fred is a recognized contributor to Paper Money of the United States, the Whitman Encyclopedia of United States Paper Money (for which he also contributed the "Foreword"), the Standard Catalog of United States Tokens, 1700-1900, and other works.

"Fred writes right" (TM) has been Reed's calling card since 1986. He is the owner of a specialty publications company, ltd, which assists other authors to achieve their publishing goals whether they be in the form of brochures, newsletters, website content, periodicals or books. The goal is creating "publications that connect with readers." (TM) In recent years Fred has assisted authors in achieving publication of award-winning books on Confederate currency, Florida paper money and Kansas paper money. He can be contracted for consulting, editorial, ghost-writing, co-writing, design, production, and book-packaging projects. Complete confidentiality assured. Contact him directly at Send Fred an email He is a member of the Authors Guild; mention "Authors Guild" when you do.

Fred has been a Board Member of the Society of Paper Money Collectors since 1998. He has also been administrator of the Society's "George W. Wait Memorial Award," presented annually to the author of a book-length work on numismatics, banking or related subjects, since the award was inaugurated in 2000. Fred was the co-originator and has been the organizer of the annual SPMC Authors Forum since 2004. Fred is also a Board Member of the Token and Medal Society. Additionally he is a member of the American Numismatic Society, American Numismatic Association, a charter member of the Civil War Token Society, and member of the Token and Medal Society, Numismatic Bibliomania Society, International Bank Note Society, Numismatic Literary Guild, Central States Numismatic Society, American Society of Check Collectors, and Fractional Currency Collectors Board.

Entire contents Copyright © Fred Reed 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 All Rights Reserved

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History, Biography, Non-fiction
"I am an admirer of your work in the iconography of Lincoln, particularly The Image of His Greatness from Whitman Publishing in 2009; and we look forward to the next installment in 2013." – James M. Cornelius, Ph.D., Curator, Lincoln Collection, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum
"Interesting and compelling . . . worthwhile and elegant."
-- Harold Holzer, cochairman of U.S. Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission
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"exhaustive . . . clearly illustrated . . . fascinating . . . a gold mine for collectors . . . interesting"
--Communication Booknotes Quarterly
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-- Gene Hessler, Editor, Paper Money
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This is not the Civil War taught to you in civics or history class, a numismatist's award-winning perspective.
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“What’s in a Date? A Day by any other reckoning would still bring 24 hours.”
-- William Shakespeare, paraphrased

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